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Car Line


Grades K-5:  Afternoon Car Line Tags (4 per Woodland Family)

Tuesday, August 8th

Dear Woodland Families ~

Thank you for helping us with an incredible beginning to our new school year. We appreciate your excellent attention to our Woodland detailing and connecting with your student’s teacher/or teachers.   We are going to have a wonderful 2023/24!

As you know, we forwarded to each school family a new copy of our Woodland Handbook.  Included within that handbook is information regarding our afternoon Car Line Tags.   I have included a snip below:

Important:  Please ensure that your parent/guardian car line tag is positioned in your front dashboard.   For increased student security, we will only release our car line students to those drivers  with the proper signage in place.  If that signage is not in place, those parents or guardians will be required to drive to our main, front entrance and proceed with checking in through our main office in order to verify student guardianship.  *Note:  we will provide those signs for each family on August 1st.  

In short, our car line tags were delivered this past Friday, AUG 4th.  As you can imagine, our Johnson City Schools Print Shop has been super busy preparing many documents for our school system.  

Very importantly:   your student’s K-5 teachers will be forwarding four car line tags to each of you this afternoon.  Please share these tags with those who may be picking up your student throughout this school year:  aunts, uncles, grandparents, sitters, etc.   

Beginning on Monday of next week, August 14th, we will only release our K-5 car line students to those drivers with official Woodland car tags.

As always, please call or email if you have additional questions or should need further detailing.  Thank you so very much for helping us with this important afternoon  process.

With my very best,

Dr. Karen Reach

Woodland ES Principal